About E-SIGN and Required Notices Consent

Before customers apply for payment plans, they must read and consent to the Required Notices. Customers can sign a paper copy of the Required Notices, or they can use E-SIGN to sign the document electronically.

Note: If the customer signs a paper copy of the Required Notices, you must retain the signed copy for two years in a way that guarantees the customer's personal information remains confidential. You do not have to retain Required Notices that are signed using E-SIGN.

To send an E-SIGN version of the Required Notices to a customer, in the dashboard, click Required Notices > Send New Request, type the customer’s first name, last name, and email address, and click Send Request.

You can view a summary of all pending and received agreements in the Required Notices section of the dashboard. After consent is received, you can click Apply Now to create a new application for the customer.


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