Understanding Your Rate Sheets

Your industry specific rate sheets can be found in your partner portal. Click on the RESOURCES tab and select LIBRARY from the drop down list or click the link below:


Once you are in the Library, click on your rate sheet. Rate sheets are regularly updated and display the following information:





1) Available Rates: The rate sheets show you the interest rates that can be allotted to your borrowers based on how they score during the application process. Rates are grouped by A, B & C.


2) Amortizations, Loan Amounts, and Fees: The rate sheets show you the minimum and maximum loan amounts available to your customers as well as the corresponding  maximum amortization lengths and borrower admin fees (charged to the borrower) associated with those loans.


3) No Proof of Income The rate sheets show you which of your borrowers could qualify for our No Proof of Income program based on their credit rating and the request loan amount..


4) Promotional Programs: We offer a number of promotional programs to you to offer to your customer to incentivise them to close the sale and increase the transaction size. The cost of the program is deducted from the funding transfer when the loan is funded. Ex. If the cost of the program is 3% you will receive a transfer when the loan funds for 97% of the total loan amount.


Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions about rate sheets at 1-888-276-7857 or by email at questions@financeit.io


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