Account Settings Overview

After logging into your Partner Account you will need to select the pinwheel icon located on the upper right hand corner of the partner portal beside your login name.

Your Account Settings will be displayed allowing you to edit the following areas:

  1. Update your business address: To ensure we have the correct address on file should the business move.
  2. Reset Your Password: Never share your password with anyone and keep it safe. If you think your password has been compromised you should change it immediately.
  3. Account Configuration: Here you can set who is paying the Administration Fees. You can choose between your company, the customer, or a per-loan basis.
  4. Email Addresses: You can change the primary email setup for this account. You can also add up to five more emails to receive notifications. They will not have access to the dashboard or be able to affect applications in anyway, they will simply receive notifications as the application progresses through the various steps.
  5. Manage Employee: You can manage your employee with a Financeit account here. 
  6. Beta iOS App: If you have any mobile iOS device, you will be able to take your financing to go.  


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