Order Printed Materials

To help you promote financing to your customers, we have created a set of brochures, posters, price tags and other printed material that is available for order. Whether you have a physical location, or travel to offer your services, these promotional tools will help to educate your customers about Financeit’s affordable monthly payment plan options.

Accessible through the Financeit dashboard under Library, the materials can be ordered directly from our e-commerce web portal.

The following printed materials are available for purchase:

  • Brochures detailing Financeit and its benefit to customers
  • Price tags help to highlight monthly prices
  • Posters and Window displays
  • Stickers for your front window and cash register

Not only do in-store advertisements and sales materials make financing more attractive to your customers, but it can influence impulse purchasing – particularly when displaying the monthly payment price of a big ticket item instead of the total price.

To get started, in the dashboard, click Resources > Library, and click Order Materials.


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