Promotional Programs

Financeit’s Promotional Programs allow you to offer your customers financing options that were traditionally only available at large retail chains with dedicated financing departments. Offering a “0% financing” or “Buy-down” program makes it easier for your customers to make buying decisions about big ticket items.

We offer three types of standard Promotional Programs, depending on your type of business:

  • Interest Rate Buy-down - Offer a lower interest rate to your customers by buying a percentage of the interest yourself.
  • Deffered Payments - Deferred Payments - Offer your customers a period without payments or interest on their purchase. Once the deferral period ends, they simply begin they loan payments with no backdated interest
  • Equal Payments - Equal payments with 0% interest. The loan is complete once the payment period is over. Give customers an interest-free loan on their purchase for a period of up to two years.

Our Promotional Programs have small costs that vary depending on which program is selected. These costs can be split between yourself and the borrower in the form of an additional customer fee.

Now that you know about Promotional Programs, read Merchandising Your Store and Training Your Team on Promotional Programs.

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