About the Financeit API

You can use the Financeit API to create and manage loans on the Financeit platform. The API is hosted at https://beta.financeit.ca/api/v2/.

Note: Please contact Financeit to request access to the API.

A sandbox for testing the API is hosted at https://beta.financeit.ca.

After you have been granted access to the API, you are provided with two strings, app_id and app_secret. Pass these two values into /accounts/create_user_oauth_token along with either a login and password for a user, or an option indicating that the token is for an anonymous user. If authentication succeeds, the response contains an access token. In order to perform operations on behalf of the authenticated or anonymous user, pass this access token into every API call as access_token. If no access token is passed into the API call, or the access token is invalid, you receive a 401 Unauthorized response.

If an API call fails, the response contains an errors field that points to a list of error strings.


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