Merchandising Your Store

Effectively merchandising your store to advertise affordable monthly payments could be the deciding factor between a customer making the purchase or walking away. With the monthly payment displayed next to the full price, your customer will instantly understand the benefits of financing their purchase.

Price is the first thing the customer will look at. Every customer has a monthly budget to work with, so providing them with the lowest payments helps you close the sale.

For example, a sofa priced at $1200 is only $59.37 if priced out over 24 months. The effect is even greater if pricing using bi-weekly payments or an even longer amortization period. Try it out yourself by using our Purchase Calculator.

You can order printed materials to help promote financing options. Make sure pricing options are prominently displayed at the point of sale. You can easily get started with something as simple as a sticker or a tent card at the cash counter.

While merchandising is an effective way to make customers aware of their buying power, it's important to make sure your team is prepared to talk about financing options as well.

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