Training Your Team on Promotional Programs

Having staff who are properly trained to position financing and answer questions about the product can have a significant impact on your business. Customers will want to know how the promotional program works and what happens in certain payment scenarios. Your staff should be prepared to answer these and similar questions.

  • It is important that your staff have read about Promotional Programs so they can speak confidently.
  • Always lead the conversation with the lowest monthly payment, and make use of our Purchase Calculator.
  • The customer will rarely bring up the topic of financing themselves, unless you have proper merchandising.
  • Customers will want to know how the promotional programs works, so ensure that your staff are familiar with all of the available programs.
  • Staff should be aware of conversational cues that might lead into a discussion about your business’ financing terms. If a customer asks about the price of an item, or expresses dissatisfaction with the price, you can bring up financing solutions, and sweeten the deal with a promotional program.
  • Staff should be familiar with all applicable interest rates and borrower fees.
  • Have a member of your staff become the Financeit expert, providing training and answering questions for the rest of the team.
  • Offer incentives to motivate your staff.
  • Track and present staff performance to get your team excited and working together.

An engaged team that is knowledgeable about your financing options can be complemented by a robust and organized merchandising scheme.

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